Ses gavines

Aerial video montage of Ses Gavines. “The Balearic Islands are increasingly home to some fantastic architect-designed properties. This house on the side of the mountainous coastline, designed by Alberto Rubio, is as stunning as the location itself, design and environment intertwined as one, simply breathtaking.”


Ses Gavines Behind the scenes

A behind the scenes look at Alberto Rubio's latest designer luxury home. Ses Gavines is an unprecedented bird house that soares above Andratx in Mallorca.



“This impressive villa is located in Andratx, Mallorca (Balearic Islands). The design resembles a seagull when flying and it is part of his project 'the bird houses'.”



Interview with Alberto where he talks about the inspiration for the Heinemann Regional Duty Free project design for the Frankfurt Airport.


ORT Interview

Alberto describes his inspiration and his design process in this Austrian television interview; “I would say they are flowing lines from the house from the center towards the wings and everything flows from the point of view of the visitor to the landscape.